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The solution to your
ICEing problems

Ice Blocks

As more and more Electric Vehicles (EVs) are being driven, the importance of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations increases.   

However, the instances of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles parking in these spaces is a serious problem, known as ICEing. 

This is a serious problem not only for both the EV drivers

but also for Charge Station Operators.

At EV Mobiliti, we have the solution.  Our unique system is able to immediately detect an ICE vehicle approaching a charging station and send out an alert.  EV Mobiliti’s solution is easy to install, cost effective and doesn’t require ANPR.   

EV Screenshot.jpg

MELT can easily detect whether a vehicle should be in EV Charging spot...

ICE Screenshot.jpg

... or if it shouldn't.

   Once MELT has detected an ICE vehicle parking in the wrong place,

it sends the driver a warning to vacate the spot, before any charges are incurred.

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